Briefly, it is as follows under the headings of audit and approval.


Enterprises and businesses belonging to real and legal persons;

  • Establishing and developing accounting systems, organizing or consulting on business, accounting, finance, financial legislation and their applications.
  • In the above written matters; To carry out examinations, analyzes, audits, to give written opinions on issues related to financial statements and declarations, to prepare reports and similar documents, to perform arbitration, expertise and similar works on the basis of documents.


YMMs certify that the financial statements and declarations of real and legal persons or their undertakings and businesses are in accordance with the legislation provisions, accounting principles and accounting standards and that the accounts are examined in accordance with the audit standards. To do the works stipulated by the relevant legislation and the works to be determined by the official authorities. succeed in the challenging exam held after the necessary conditions for transportation of persons will Chartered Accountant in Turkey and the relevant courts in Turkey Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Accountants upon their Professional Oath Union of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) are authorized with the title. In our country, apart from the legislative requirements, it is preferred by companies who want to secure their relations with financial administration and focus on their Commercial Affairs and want to grow, without wanting to deal with Tax Problems.