Company Valuation Services


Company Valuation Services Accountant Services

  • Services we offer as company valuation services
  • Company Valuation Services in Company Acquisitions
  • Company Value Determination Services in Share Transfers between Company Partners
  • Company Valuation Services in mergers and spin-offs
  • Company Valuation Services in national or international loan transactions

Within the scope of company valuation service, after valuation of all tangible and intangible assets owned by the company and determination of brand value, company value is reported according to international standards through an independent audit.

One of these services is the determination of the Company Value objectively for the Buyer or Seller party in the transfer of shares between the Buyer or Seller party in the New Purchase negotiations and the reporting of the Company.

In company mergers and divisions, in National or International loan transactions, they want the Company Value to be determined and to be connected to the Report.

In addition to being an independent objective report between the parties, these reports are taken into account by the Tax Administration and other public institutions in such share changes.