Refunds Of Vat / Sct Taxes


Services we offer as VAT / SCT Solutions and VAT / SCT Refunds

  • Under certain conditions, the recovery of the VAT and ÖTV coded taxes paid by the financial administration from the state is a review and approval process.
  • Our VAT / SCT refund group consists of experienced YMM managers and experts who closely follow the procedures stipulated by the tax administration and the attitude they take in the transaction process, and they only deal with VAT / SCT refund transactions.
  • VAT / SCT refund transactions carried out within the scope of Value Added Tax Law / Special Consumption Tax Law are within the scope of this service. In this context, the solution of all kinds of problems regarding VAT / SCT refund, the introduction of alternative return procedures, and the services provided to ensure the fast and correct receipt of VAT / SCT refund according to the appropriate method are part of our VAT / SCT refund services.
  • In the Value Added Tax / Special Consumption Tax return process; Certified Public Accountant reports are prepared as a result of the determination of the refund amount of the companies that have the opportunity to receive value added tax / special consumption tax refund, sub-company reviews and counter-examinations.